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Outdoorsman, Airman, Seaman Scout Rank

NOTE: This page shows requirements that are prior to 2019 or before the current Passport Program. These are not the current requirements and are maintained for program transition purpose. Visit the main Advancement Rank page for the most current program of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines.

For a period of at least six-(6) months as a holder of the Pathfinder Scout Rank, do the following:

Senior Scout Ideals

  1. Satisfy your parents and Scout Leaders, that you are doing you best to live by the Scout Oath and Law and the Senior Scout Code.

  2. Attend regularly the religious services of your Faith. Bring a friend of the same Faith with you.

  3. Convince your Crew members that you have developed the personal values of courtesy, respect, industry, and cooperation through your behavior and ineraction with them.

Social Activities
  1. Demonstrate proper conduct in boarding and alighting from a conveyance with a lady and/or an elderly person, and proper decorum when you meet someone you know on the street.

Vocational Activities
  1. Using your 3-year vocational plan developed in the Pathfinder rank, explore and report on at least five- (5) occupations in your choosen field, indicating the job opportunities, preparations and training involved, and promotions within each occupation.

Service Activities
  1. With your Crew, plan and participate in a special community service project such as reforestration, garbage disposal, soil/water conservation, healthful environment information campaign, etc.

Outdoor/Indoor Activities
  1. On a 3-day hike or camping expedition, draw a road map of at least 3 kilometers, showing important features within 20 meters on both sides, using compass bearings and distances, and indicating conventional signs and familiar landmarks; OR with your Scout Examiner, take a visitor on a tour of your own town or province pointing out the significant tourist spots and landmarks and explaining their history or significance.

  2. Earn the following merit badges in addition to those previously earned: Citizenship in the Nation, Physical Fitness , Weather Merit Badges. For Land Scout specialization also earn the Swimming, and Soil and Water Conservation. For Air Scout specialization also earn the Airplan Modelling and Electricity. For Sea Scout specialization also earn the Survival Swimming and Boating.


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