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Venturer Scout, Air Venture, Sea Venture Rank

NOTE: This page shows requirements that are prior to 2019 or before the current Passport Program. These are not the current requirements and are maintained for program transition purpose. Visit the main Advancement Rank page for the most current program of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines.

For a period of at least seven-(7) months as a holder of the Outdoorsman, Airman, Seaman Scout Rank, do the following:

Senior Scout Ideals

  1. Satisfy your parents and Scout leaders that you are doing your best to live by the Scout Oath and Law and the Senior Scout Code.

  2. Receive religious instruction with a friend of the same faith.

  3. Make a survey of values, belief, and practices in your community. Examine their importance to the life of the people in the community. Analyze these values and beliefs in relation to the Scout Oath and Law and determine which values/beliefs need to be changed/improved/modified to make a better community. Present this to your Crew for their approval.

Social Activities
  1. As a member of the Social Committee of your Crew or Outfit, participate in planning and conducting an indoor or outdoor social activity involving members of the opposite sex.

Vocational Activities
  1. Earn one-(1) Specialist Rating (involving three related merit badges). For Land Scout earn the Scout Conservationist. For Air Scout earn the Scout Airman. For Sea Scout earn the Scout Seaman.

Service Activities
  1. Explain what to do in an emergency situation. Participate in a demonstration of rescue procedures during fires, floods, and/or earthquakes, drowning, or plane crash.

Outdoor/Indoor Activities
  1. Go on a three-(3)-day survival expedition in an approved Scout camping site, staying in an improvised shelter, making improvised utensils and camp gadgets, and cooking your food without cooking utensils. Afterwards, clean up camp such that there are no signs or maks of you having stayed there.

  2. Earn the Camping and Emergency Preparedness Merit Badges.


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