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First Class Scout

NOTE: This page shows requirements that are prior to 2019 or before the current Passport Program. These are not the current requirements and are maintained for program transition purpose. Visit the main Advancement Rank page for the most current program of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines.

  1. Cite experiences wherein you practiced the Scout Oath and Law, the Scout Motto, and the Scout Slogan.

  2. Produce satisfactory evidence that you have been faithful to your religious obligations.

  3. Lead in at least one flag-raising and one flag-lowering ceremony.

  4. Briefly describe what the District or Municipal Scouting Committee does. Observe one of their meetings.

  5. Earn and save the equivalent of two-day's wage. Prepare a three-(3) year vocational career path that you will pursue after earning the First Class Scout Rank.

  6. Describe how you will show respect for the rights and properties of others.

  7. Participate in a community service project undertaken by your Patrol or Troop.

  8. Explain the dangers of smoking, alcoholism, and drug abuse.

  9. Swim at least 25 minutes using any of the following strokes: Breast Stroke, Crawl Stroke, Side Stroke and Elementary Back Stroke. Explain the importance of the Safe Swim Defense Plan.

  10. Explain what to do during emergencies, like fires, earthquake, floods, accidents, etc. Demonstrate First Aid for blister, severe bleeding, foreign-object in the ear, nose and throat, poisoning, simple and compount fractures, heart attack and how to apply cadrio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

  11. Show at least two-(2) constellations that may be used to locate the North.

  12. Using common tools, make a project that will be useful in the home or in your Troop.

  13. Make at least three-(3) gadgets that can contribute to your comfort in camp.

  14. Draw a simple map of your community covering an area of at least one square kilometer.

  15. Send and receive a message of at least 20 words (100 letters) over a distance of at least 50 meters using the International Morse Code. Demonstrate how to send distress signals by any means.

  16. Participate in one social activity like a birthday party or fiesta, etc. and observe social graces.

  17. Prepare for camp. Show the camp equipment you will use (including food and cooking utensils). Explain how you will use them. Show the correct way to pack and carry your belongings. Demonstrate proper tent-pitching. Participate in a total of 4 overnight camps or 2 week-end camps. Cook a meal for yourself and another during the camp.

  18. Discuss with your Troop Leader sexual maturity and chaste living. Discuss also how you behave at home, in school, and/or in the community (with your gang).

  19. Earn the Citizenship in the Community, Filipino Heritage , First Aid, and Ecology or Tree Farming.


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