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Tenderfoot Class Scout

NOTE: This page shows requirements that are prior to 2019 or before the current Passport Program. These are not the current requirements and are maintained for program transition purpose. Visit the main Advancement Rank page for the most current program of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines.

  1. Explain the following: Scout Oath and Law, Scout Motto, Scout Slogan, Scout Sign, Scout Salute, Scout Handshake, and the Scout Badge.

  2. Attend regular religious services with the members of your family.

  3. Explain the symbolism of the Philippine Flag. Draw the Evolution of the Philippine Flag.

  4. Identify your boy and adult leaders in the Patrol and Troop and explain their duties and responsibilities.

  5. Earn the equivalent of one-half-day's wage.

  6. Tell rules at home that you need to know.

  7. Wash and darn your underwear and stockings.

  8. Plant and care for at least one tree.

  9. Enumerate personal health rules that you should observe. Plan a balanced diet for one week.

  10. Inspect your home for safety hazards and report to your Troop what you did to correct them.

  11. Demonstrate First Aid for the following: cuts and scratches, bruises, first degree burns and scalds, insect bites and stings, nose bleeding, pain, fainting, and headache. Demonstrate how to use the neckerchief as triangular and a cravat bandage.

  12. Identify at least ten-(10) edible plants and demonstrate how at least three-(3) are prepared.

  13. Sharpen a knife or a bolo and use it in preparing firewood for cooking.

  14. Name the parts of a rope. Enumerate the characteristics of a good knot. Demonstrate how the following knots are used: overhand knot, fisherman's knot, figure-of-eight knot, square knot, sheet bend, bowline, two-half hitches, timber hitch, and taut-line hitch. Demonstrate and explain why the ends of the rope must be whipped.

  15. Point to the four compass directions and show how to locate the North.

  16. Identify at least 15 out of 20 items in a Kim's Game.

  17. Demonstrate to a friend correct table manner.

  18. Be active in Patrol and Troop meetings and activities. Join a Patrol Good Turn for your institution or community, particularly tree planting and caring, and community beautification. Give your Patrol name, call and yell.

  19. Discuss with your Troop Leader you commitments in the Troop and Patrol.

  20. Discuss how to guard against child abuse.


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