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NOTE: This page shows requirements that are prior to 2019 or before the current Passport Program. These are not the current requirements and are maintained for program transition purpose. Visit the main Advancement Rank page for the most current program of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines.

NOTE: Required for all boys entering Senior Scouting, whether or not they have been Boy Scouts.

  1. Recite the Scout Oath and Law, Scout Motto, and Slogan, and the Senior Scout Code. Explain the meaning of each in your own words as they relate to your daily life.

  2. Demonstrate and explain the meaning and use of the Scout Sign, Scout Salute, and Scout Handshake. Explain the symbolism of the Scout Badge and Senior Scout Emblem. Tell when to wear the Senior Scout Uniform and how to care for it.

  3. Plant at least two-(2) fruit-bearing, wind-breaking or soil erosion control trees around your home or community and take care of them so they will survive.

  4. Demonstrate simple First Aid for the following: cuts and scratches, hand and foot blisters, burns and scalds (first degree), insect bites and stings, and nose bleeding.

  5. Demonstrate the proper uses of the following knots in everyday life activities: square knot, sheet bend, half hitch and two half-hitches, figure-of-eight knot, stevedore's knot, bowline, clove hitch, tautline hitch, and sheepshank. Whip the ends of a rope.

  6. On a trip around town or city with your leader, demonstrate proper knowledge and obedience to at least eight-(8) traffic signs and road markings, explain their meaning along the way.

  7. In conference, explain to your Senior Crew Leader and Outfit Advisor why you want to become a SENIOR SCOUT.

  8. Earn of save enough money and pay your membership fee with the Boy Scouts of the Philippines.

  9. In a formal investiture ceremony, commit yourself to the Scout Oath and Law and the Senior Scout Code in the presence of your Outfit Advisor and Crew.


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