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Merit Badge Center Certificates

In an effort to recognize the small deeds by individuals and Scouts that can possibly ripple through the water and create a huge impact, the Merit Badge Center informally awards certificates. See the list of awardees.


Recognizing Scouting websites, particularly those by Filipinos or for Filipinos, that maintains a level of quality. It is the purpose of this award to encourage others to design better and useful websites that will truly benefit their unit, institution, or Scouting in general.

To receive the accreditation, websites must satisfy the following guidelines:

  • The website must be included in our list of Sponsored Links. You may send your site for consideration into the sponsored links through our Submit a Site page.

  • The website must pass against our Acceptable Web Site/Page Policy.

  • The site must not be created for the sole purpose of displaying almost perpetual static information about the group or Scouting in general (i.e., Scout Oath and Law, Motto, Slogan, Membership or Leadership Roster, etc.). It must contain timely information such as, but not limited to, upcoming activities, recent group publication, group achievements and/or projects, etc.

  • The website must be online for at least one-(1) year with evidence that the pages are updated regularly and as necessary.

All accredited websites are given the opportunity to display their accrediation using an custom accrediation image that may be used as a link to provide proof of their accreditation. Accredited websites will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they continually satisfy the guidelines.


Recognizing that the success of the Merit Badge Center would never be possible without the direct and indirect contributions of individuals or groups. The Certificate of Appreciation is awarded to people or groups who have contributed in great lengths bringing the website to what it is today.


In recognition of noteworthy action(s) by an individual or a group that, in the opinion of the Merit Badge Center, exemplifies the values of Scouting embodied by the Scout Oath and Law. The Merit Badge Center does not actively seek individuals or groups on its own and rely on nominations or recommendations coming for various individuals. All submission are reviewed thoroughly. Submit your nomination to

To receive the commendation, an individual or a group must satisfy the following guidelines:

  • The individual or group must have demonstrated action(s) that exemplifies the points of the Scout Oath and Law. It is important to remember that the commendation is being directed to the demonstrated action(s), it bears no importance who the group or individual is. The group or individual need not be successful in achieving whatever they aimed to achieve, so long as the purpose and objective behind such action(s) is commendable. The Merit Badge Center shall not engage in judging any perceived motivation of such action(s) in cases where there is a perceived political motivation. The action however must be deeply rooted in the foundations of moral principles and reason. Action for action's sake is empty and action done irrationally is not worthy of commendation. It is equally important that, while satisfying some points of the Scout Oath and Law, the action does not violate some other points of the Oath and Law. Purpose and objective is not enough for commendation if the method(s) or action(s) taken to achieve such purpose or objective is flawed.

  • There must be proof of such act or action through newspaper accounts or other material that will provide substance to the claim of such an action and the foundation behind the action if necessary.

Sample Eagle CommendationEagle Scout Commendation

Given to those who have completed the requirements for the Eagle Scout. To receive the commendation furnish the following copies:

  • Complete Name of the Eagle Scout (exactly how you want it to appear on the certificate)
  • Most recent BSP Membership Card
  • Eagle Scout Card Certificate
  • Eagle Scout Commendation Letter from the National Headquarters
  • Approved Application for Eagle Scout (BSP Form No. 10) Front and Back

Send request including the enclosures to Have all attachments in compressed JPEG format with a combined size no more than 1MB.


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