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The MacLaren Tartan

It is the swatch of cloth found on the apex of the Wood Badge scarf. The swatch is the clan tartan of the clan MacLaren, a clan that traces its history back to the 12th Century.

It was in 1919 when William F de Bois MacLaren, who is a Scout commissioner Rosneath, graciously provided £10,000 for the purchase of what is now known as Gilwell Park, the home of the Wood Badge training. In his honor, and with the permission of the clan MacLaren, Scout leaders who have completed the Wood Badge Course wears the scarf with the swatch of the MacLaren Tartan on its apex. A Wood Badge holder is also entitled to special membership into clan MacLaren family association.

The use of the tartan by Scouting is provided with limited rights. The clan MacLaren retains exclusive rights to its use. Becoming a Wood Badge holder does not entitle the holder any rights to the use of the tartan other than having it as part of the wood badge scarf.

There are websites out there that credits a Kenneth duBois MacLaren for the donation of the Gilwell training facility. The only mention I read about regarding a Kenneth MacLaren is regarding a Captain Kenneth MacLaren who served with B.P. in the 13th Hussars.


Clan MacLaren Society of North America, Ltd.

Gilwell Park

Pine Tree Web mentions Captain Kenneth MacLaren of the 13th Hussars.

Scout Scan credits Kenneth duBois MacLaren.

Tail Slaps credits Kenneth duBois MacLaren.


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