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We include new web sites and pages on a regular basis into our sponsored links section. If your site submission is intended for our Merit Badge resource links, submit your site here. The site does not need to comply with the Acceptable Web Site/Page Policy, but must comply to the policy to be considered for accreditation.


Example. National Organization, Regional Scout Groups, Local Council
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Submit-a-Siwte Manager

Acceptable Web Site/Page Policy

The merit badge center has the following criteria on web sites/pages used as resource links. This policy does not apply for our Sponsored Links.
  • The web site/page should provide information that is helpful in earning merit badge requirement(s).
    • The infomration should be provided for free.
    • The information should be in a publicly accessible area requiring no registration.
  • The website should be free from foul language, obscenity, or any content or material that is inappropriate for minors and in breach of "Safe Haven".
  • The website's commercial nature (if any) should not dominate the site/page. The free information should not be interlaced with the promotion of a specific commerical product and should not be overhwhelmed by banner or pop-up ads.

Last Revised June 5, 2005 8:50PM (US PDT)


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